A 10Years Old Girl With 25Years Working Experience, Who’s Fault? Read Below!

A 10Years Old Girl🤔
Every blame goes to the school once a child misbehave,but the school is actually innocent.

Some children were caught watching dirty videos by a fellow student who reported them to the principal,the parents were sent for and told imagine the parents saying the students shouldn’t be punished publicly in front of other students that they will talk to them.

A 10Years Old Girl
A 10Years Old Girl

Female students comes to school with multiple earrings from home due to multiple piercings when you scold them their parents comes the next day to harass you.

Parents no more allow discipline over their children,a child is punished it’s on social media,a child is scolded it’s term child abuse and you will be dragged.

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Building a school is not easy so before you bring down someone’s business do the needful at home.

When you are trying to help and your help is not needed you just stay aside and watch!
The school is on the watching side Now!

Imagine a parents going to d phone shop to buy android phone for a secondary school child, wat do u expect ? Parents wake up, teachers are not to give ur children home training……is two different things…..education is not home training…..when they are at home is home training ones in school they are educated based on d society, ones a child misses home training forget it……

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A 10Years Old Girl
A 10Years Old Girl

The first contact of a child is the home.
Teachers too have their lives to live,you can’t turn them to a CCTV camera over your child when there’s a lot on their table to handle.

It’s should be a combined effort.

Train your child in the way he should go and when he’s old he will not depart from it,the Bible didn’t say School but YOU the Parents…….every parent here listen to me if ur child end up been wayward u will answer to God……


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