How To Pass JAMB Effectively

How To Pass JAMB Effectively, Hidden Logics And Accurate Method.

How To Pass JAMB Effectively,

1. What looks like the answer is not the answer, unless you are 100% sure.

Examiners set questions and put options in a way designed to cause failures of students. That’s their job. It is now your job to say no to failure and tread with caution in the minefields of questions. Because all questions are designed to trap the unwary and make them fail.

Be very careful and work with something I call  SPEED. You need to be fast, yet you need to be careful.

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2. JAMB uses negative marking. That’s why more than 98% of everyone that did mock exam some weeks ago failed. That may be a bad sign of what is coming. Pls kindly prevent failure by studying, assiduously, sedulously, and meticulously.

How To Pass JAMB Effectively

When you see a question that you don’t know at all and have no inkling about, it is best to leave it. After all, your chances of getting it right is a measly 25%. The moment you get a negative question wrong, two or three marks are automatically deducted. That will have a really pernicious effect and may make you wonder why you score so poorly eventually.

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How To Pass JAMB Effectively
How To Pass JAMB Effectively

The only profitable way to avoud the issue of negative marking is to study like crazzzy and make sure no question comes out that you don’t have an answer to.

3. Study a minimum of 8 hours on weekdays when you work and about 12 hours on week ends. Solve as many past questions you can. The more past questions you solve, the closer you bring yourself to questions of 2010 to 2020… They are majorly where repeated questions come from.

You shall succeed.
Keep believing and keep working towards excellence.


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