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Urgent Need For Disciplined Parenting, Reaction As Goodword O’ Bright Speaks Out.

Urgent Need For Disciplined Parenting,

I didn’t watch the video of Sharon, acclaimed to be ten years old but her physic tells that she is someone between the age of 13-15…

But, of course, I have heard enough stories of the intent of the content of the video.

Brethren, even if I haven’t watched that video, I have seen enough videos online of young age people in this act.

I have seen a parent recording their children caught in the act(why should you record instead of correcting them, they’ll even be laughing holding the camera🤔), I have seen some adult teaching young age boys and girls this very act in the action.

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I have seen a mother puting her very young boy of like 4-5years old son thing in her thing.

Some videos that trend online, where grown up ladies will be twerking for young age boys… Children who should be in kindergarten! 😢😥

Urgent Need For Disciplined Parenting,
Urgent Need For Disciplined Parenting,

When you watch adult movies Infront of these children, when you exposed them to erotic pictures, when you give them too much internet freedom.
Such things like that are bound to happen.

Teach your children in way that they should go, when they grow up, the will never depart from it.

There’s are certain things you can deprive your children to teach them moral, when your child holds phone, make sure you secretly check up on sites they visit, check the gallery.

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That’s not privacy intrusion, you are only trying to be protective.

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