“Imagine Having Sexual Affairs With A Dog For Just 1.5 Million Naira Per Night, What A Shame And Disgrace To Humanity”-Mabel The Goddess.

Having Sexual Affairs With A Dog

In respect to a report forwarded by Linda Ikeji, Nigerian Socialite Mabel The Goddess simply sparked diverse controversies on Instagram as she was covered in a one minute record asking why young ladies would do anything for capital and even sleep with a 🐕 Dog!

Having Sexual Affairs With A Dog
Having Sexual Affairs With A Dog

“And you girls who complete this stuff, you in actuality must stop it. You must to yield and engage in a second thought about your life and any action you’re to take.


What do you people need capital for? Like what exactly could do you need money For to this extent of disgrace? I know many people are going through a lot of hardship, But then having sexual affairs with a dog for 1.5 million naira each night😲Imagine!
What kind of lifestyle do you wanna start to live?”

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View all the screenshots of Mabel the goddess from the tape down here👇.

Nigerians immediately start reacting to her video as Mabel is right💯 because many young ladies nowadays seems to long for a lifestyle they can’t afford.

Check out the screenshots of her place of duty below

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