Having S3xual Affairs With Either Dog Or Any Other Animal Both Wild And Domestic Attracts Fourteen (14)Years Imprisonment In Nigeria -Nigerian Lawyer

Having S3xual Affairs With Dog Is A Criminal Offence In Nigeria

Managing Partner of Universe Attorneys, Akande Paul, has warned against sleeping/drowsing with any Animal in Nigeria.

Having S3xual Affairs
Having S3xual Affairs

He thought this in a chat with The PUNCH on Saturday.The alarm came in the course of concerns over a trending film of a trouble having an event with a lady.

Thecapture on tape was thought to be recorded in Nigeria but The PUNCH could not directly back up its authenticity.

Having S3xual Affairs
Having S3xual Affairs

According to Akande, the Criminal policy do its stuff and the severe cryptogram feint criminalise sleeping with an animal.

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He explained that sleeping with an mammal invite 14 Years captivity in Nigeria.

He revealed, “It is a Criminal offence for any person in Nigeria to possess sexual category with Domestic Animals like Dogs, cats, Horses cows, etc.“Oral sexual category (‘receiving head’) from an mammal is a sexual act out which constitutes/attracts sexual offence.

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