Each Time You Have $3X

Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals A Big Secret To The World Recent Days (What Happens Each Time You Have $3X)

Each Time You Have $3X

The Famous Nigerian televangelist and General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman spoke recently on “Reasons for Delay in Marriages” through a live broadcast on Facebook few days ago on his church (Omega Fire Ministries)

The apostle during his sermon on the topic, revealed what happens every time you’re making love/having $3X in the dream.

Each Time You Have $3X
Each Time You Have $3X

Apostle Johnson Suleman: “One of the motives why many people are yet to get married is because of non secular husbands and other halves.

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Don’t allow absolutely everyone to inform you they do not exist, they do.

That is why when you made love/had $3X the dream, your physical husband/wife can be dull or not capable to you on bed.

And if you are unmarried, it will make you now not to locate any guy/lady attractive; so that the spirit can preserve making love to you through desires.

“It is the evil paintings of the spirit husband/wife that love making has become dull and tiring for the couples.

Atimes, they enjoy it in desires but in truth, they don’t.
If you are experiencing such, you want to go to the Altar of fasting and prayer because it will now not stop till the wedding is destroyed“.

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Each Time You Have $3X
Each Time You Have $3X

He Also mentioned parental pronouncement as one of the motives why a few humans are still single.

In his words, he said, “Parents should be selective/careful on the words they use on their children.

When you make a assertion like, I don’t know if you can preserve a girl, you have got already launched a declaration to the atmosphere which is common to many parents.

That is why you have to know that spirits run with words and spirits are powerless without words”.

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