Position of the mind


Position of the mind

Human life is segnimented into three different part, which includes: The Body, Spirit and Soul.

People attend to to meditate that the brainpower is located in our common sense or heart…

Let’s guess it’s located moreover of the two physically, scientist would suffer to exposed the form and composition of the mind…

Position of the mind
Position of the mind

Everyone knows the outline of the brain, lungs, ribs and subsequently on but minds is non physical

The brain is used to think Critically to solve Problems,

The brain is just like memory card that stores.

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But the mind is used for imagination, use to think what had happened in the past

The mind consists of pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, and smells.
Every memory consists of at least one or more of these elements, i.e. the smell of an apple pie might trigger a picture of your mother or grandmother in the kitchen of your childhood home.
Yet you will not find this picture stored/saved in the brain.

Position of the mind
Position of the mind

Nothing can happen without a Thought and the Thought is created/formed in the mind.

Granted you can observe brain activity when someone uses their mind but the mind does not exist in the brain, i.e. if you feel love of a child, parent, or friend, you don’t feel it in your brain.

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It a feeling, you feel it in your body usually in the heart center.
So does this tell us the mind is in the heart?
No! The mind is just a picture, sound, feeling, taste, or smell which is being Imaginalized/Assumed.

Position of the mind

A simple illustration is this: An Image holding a cold lemon slice in your hand (go ahead close your eyes and observe the lemon in your hand), put your hand up to your mouth and image biting into the cold lemon (see the picture, smell the lemon, and taste it), You’ll detect your mouth will start salivating, this is your mind creating an action in the human body by imagining the feeling, taste and smell of an object not present in your hand, keep reading 🙏.

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Amazing, The mind can create a response from nothing. Pretty powerful!

The mind is the soul and spirit in us.
When human dies, the soul rise, where the mind is being located, therefore the soul and mind becomes immortal
But the mind is connected to the brain, heart.
Even over all the body.

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