My Real Love Character-Chukwuma

My Real Love Character by Chukwuma

I’m a simp for any lady I love and honestly I always forget about the alpha male gospel when I’m out to love a woman.

I’m the type of dude that will give a lady my 40% energy, time, attention and resources. The other 60% is for my work. I love you wouldn’t subscribe to my phone, neither will it get me the type of clothes or live the type of life I want. But you can never lack my attention, time, energy and otherwise.

Most times I do read on the timeline that as a man you ought not to let a lady know how much you love her so she wouldn’t toy with your feelings but I can’t relate.

I always prove my love beyond reasonable doubts for her. I call her often to check up on her, ask how she is and want to know what she has been up to lately. Let it be that I’m wasting my airtime, fine.

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My real love Character

I text her daily. Constantly reminding her that she’s mine and for real, I’m sharing her with no damn body. Let it be that she doesn’t reply to me.

My Real Love Character

I have her banking account details, I’m working and by the grace of God, I’m getting small change. She rarely asks or demands but the least N1,000 I send to her once is something to remind her that I’m her man. Let it be that I’m spending on the woman I love.

I can wash her clothes if she’s lazy or too busy to do that. Let it be that I’m a simp.

If I’m down emotionally, babe let me cry on your shoulder. Give me the comfort. Let it be that I’m a weakling.

My Real Love Character
Urgent Need For Disciplined Parenting,

Even if she’s not my woman, I always help ladies in the kitchen while they cook for me. Even my mother and sister know. Nne, even if you don’t want me to help grind the pepper, allow me to watch you cook and tell you stories with this hoarse baritone voice of mine.

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When I’m in love, I don’t know anything like showing off my masculinity. The girl knows already that I’m a man and my respect is not negotiable. I submit myself to her and she will know her boundaries.

I really can’t relate to all these alpha male and female gospel when I’m in love with someone. Except when I just want her for the benefit.

Against whatever the society thinks, when I’m in love, I’m always giving it my all and I don’t care if I’m being f00l!sh. I always have this mindset that, “Chukwuma, you love this girl, give the relationship your all. If it works out fine. If it doesn’t, still fine because everything worth doing is really worth doing well.


If I put in my best in a relationship and at the end she played me or maybe thinks that she used my good heart, it’s definitely her loss not mine because as long as God keeps us, I know love is a beautiful thing and I will keep trying until I finally get the one for me.

Some damaged people will always want to poison people’s minds. Uncertified relationship therapist giving out advice on how to make your relationship work. Yes I do read them but I always do what’s on my mind because there’s no menu to a perfect relationship.

I do what I think works for me. Let me love you in my own way. If you break my heart, fine. I move on to the next available lady after working on myself, me too I’m a spec.

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