How God saved Me: girl Who Surviived Catholic Church Kiillling Celebrates Birthday As She shares Her Testimony

An Owo kiịlling Survivor Celebrates Birthday these days, gives Testimony. 

An Nsukka woman, Stephanie Ajibo Olitex who survived the Owo atttack celebrates her birthday these days.

Her testimony 👇

We have been in the church after they commenced taking pictures from the outdoor. People at the again commenced strolling closer to the altar. Some jumped fence, our priest escaped via the sacristy with the assist of our catechist.

By the time I ran in the direction of the vestry door, it was already locked by way of members who were capable of attain there earlier than me. I had to cover myself underneath the cupboard inside the choir room with the infant in my hand. He shot somebody right in the front of me near the sacristy door. He appeared around, when he failed to see everybody or sound, he went away. He become on masks, loaded with Ak 47.

Word that the space among the heavily loaded gunman and me became like kitchen to dinning. Our choir grasp who become hiding with us turned into shot on his chest earlier than he ran into the room with us. I pray he survives the bullet.


They kiilled kids, youths and aged. We have recorded almost one hundred dying and nonetheless counting..I came out alive and escaped via the fence that demarcated our church from the Palace of Olowo of Owo nation and ran to the palace for the concern of the unknown. The toddler with me is secure, i’m also safe.

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Happy birthday to me.


God is good

Happy Birthday

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