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Listing of faux loan Apps in Nigeria :  Accolade’s news brings you a complete listing of the top 20 list of fake loan apps in Nigeria for 2022.

The general public of these faux loan apps in Nigeria have tenures starting from 7 to fourteen days, which violates Google’s policy on loan apps hosted on its Play save and nearby laws in Nigeria. Listen what Google has to say about loan period:

As a customer or borrower, you are not alleged to be duped, threatened, or defamed. Truly keep away from the faux loan apps in Nigeria mentioned in this article like the plague, and you’ll be secure in all of your transactions. In case you want a quick cash mortgage, you could use any of our endorsed .

List of fake loan Apps in Nigeria
List of fake loan Apps in Nigeria
List Of top 20 faux loan Apps In Nigeria 2022

The top 20 fake mortgage apps in Nigeria are listed below. Debtors and customers ought to keep away from them in any respect expenses. Many humans have been scammed and defrauded, and their bank accounts were illegally debited as a result of those fraudulent virtual lending apps. Please be cautious!

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The way to become aware of faux loan apps

The interest charge for an average industrial bank loan in Nigeria is 24 percentage per annum. However, faux mortgage apps’ interest costs are between 75 percent and 400 percentage. Those are a few red flags you have to look out to identify a fake mortgage app.

Small loan amount

Crazily excessive-interest rate

Fake office deal with

The mortgage employer is unregistered

Short mortgage reimbursement time

The mortgage company pressures you to act straight away

Fake or insecure Lender’s website

Card verification fee



Coins Mall







9ja cash

Cash pockets





Ease cash






List of fake loan Apps in Nigeria
List of fake loan Apps in Nigeria
List of fake loan Apps in Nigeria
List of fake loan Apps in Nigeria

KashKash is the primary software on our list of faux mortgage apps in Nigeria. It claims to offer bendy on-line loan products to purchasers across the usa, including that every one you have to do is down load the app from the Google Play save and observe for the loan.

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Declare on a KashKash loan

Loan quantity: ₦3,000 ~ ₦two hundred,000
Loan time period: the shortest is ninety one days, the longest is one year
Interest fee: With at least 0.1% up to 1%
Origination fee: variety from NGN 1,174 – NGN 6,000 for a one-time fee
Annual hobby rates from 36.Five% to 300%.

The interest price is calculated on a each day basis.
No hidden costs;

However, nearly all of these claims have been tested to be fake or doubtful. KashKash is considered one of Nigeria’s maximum popular fake loan apps. They in no way give out loans of N200,000, and all of their loans are for 7 days with very excessive astronomical hobby charges, in spite of their promise of low hobby.

KashKash will disgrace you in case you default on their meager mortgage. The lending platform is a loan shark, and it became recently close down in Lagos and is about to be prosecuted.

How fake loan Apps in Nigeria carry out Their enterprise

Recently, there was an boom inside the number of predatory, fraudulent faux loan apps in Nigeria, with the only reason of scamming terrible and hapless borrowers and swindling them of the little money they’ve with them, or turning into loan sharks, inquiring for particularly excessive hobby costs and unlawful down fee earlier than getting a loan.

List of fake loan Apps in Nigeria
List of fake loan Apps in Nigeria

Those faux loan apps in Nigeria either demand an illegal protection deposit from their ability customers or ask them to pay loan processing expenses.

A few people revel in threatening and blackmailing customers at each possibility, in addition to insulting and the use of derogatory language on them.

9ja cash

9ja coins is another awful loan app that you have to avoid. Sokoloan, a lending app that has been banned by using Nigerian regulators, owns and manages the app.

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9ja coins has all the hallmarks of a completely faux mortgage app written all over it.

The platform expenses an exorbitant hobby charge on every loan and restricts mortgage tenure to 7 days as opposed to the specified minimal of 60 days.

They also slander their borrowers with threats and defamatory messages, which extends for your cellphone’s contacts. An act that violates consumer privacy


NairaPlus might be the primary loan app everyone have to stay clean of.

It’s far one of the fast loan apps that always pop up on classified ads promising mouthwatering loans till you deliver them a try.

as soon as you decide to deal with them, you need to recognise that they have no regard for information privateness of their customers and also you should count on blackmailing and perilous messages in case you default in repaying even for only a day.


Sokoloan is one of the most famous quick mortgage apps in Nigeria and it’s far one of the worst apps to borrow from.

Based totally on our studies, we determined that Sokoloan has approximately three other mobile mortgage apps offering the equal carrier below different names.

Sokoloan has a horrific popularity that precedes them, it’s miles one of the maximum unprofessional systems available.

The platform does now not claim its expenses until they give you a mortgage and they only come up with 7 days to repay your mortgage. Without a doubt, it’s greater or less 6 days lengthy.

Sokoloan became fined by national information technology improvement corporation (NITDA) when a sizable range of clients stated them for invading their privacy and sending threats and curses even with out an tremendous debt.

List of fake loan Apps in Nigeria

A major selection become taken in opposition to awful mortgage apps in Nigeria in August 2021, while NITDA fined Soko Lending organization the sum of N10 million for invading the privateness of their users and for sending threatening messages to debtors, a practice appeared as a privateness invasion.

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9Credit is one of the awful mortgage apps in Nigeria which you ought to in no way accumulate money from. Except the fact that they supply 7 days to repay, they go to the intense to get better their money. Believe your boss or your family member telling you they were given a message like the one under.

URGENTLY treat!!!

This is to inform you that call; temitope victor obembe cellphone: 081650-**** / 08147-3**** is an thoughtless character,

THIS character has proven to be a merciless/hard HEARTED DEBTOR, additionally we located that this individual IS A PERPETUAL/UNREMORSEFUL DEBTOR acknowledged all around the FINTECH company IN NIGERIA,

This DEBTOR is going round accumulating cash from exceptional fund organisation with out repaying.

This individual has currently REFUSED to repay the business enterprise’s cash(NC)and has refused to pick out up our calls. Please touch us when you have any facts about this individual as quickly as viable, in any other case the company may be pressured to take legal action to recover THIS fund,

Kindly be knowledgeable that this person supplied us with all your information stating that you each agree to accumulate this found from the usa…

In case you are not aware of this fund you could as nicely call the individual to delete your statistics on the APP NOW, due to the fact quickly the person’s details alongside yours will be published in a DRASTIC way.


Google’s requirements to function a mortgage app

Loan apps to be had on the Google Play store that provide brief-term loans are required by Google coverage to present borrowers as a minimum 60 days from the date of problem to repay any mortgage.

The significant financial institution of Nigeria (CBN) customer protection regulation prohibits financial establishments from contacting a mortgage defaulter’s pals, employers, or relatives unless consent is obtained.

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