Nice funding platform in nigeria: making an investment money is a wonderful supply of passive profits, Best Investment Platform In Nigeria

There are many investment opportunities in Nigeria and these days we are going to talk about in which to make investments cash in Nigeria.

However in this article, we are going to list out the first-class funding platforms in Nigeria, legitimate investment systems in Nigeria, real funding platforms in Nigeria, and on line investment structures in Nigeria.

Whether or not we are employed or self-hired, we’re all looking for ways to improve our saving habits while additionally maximizing our investments.

Traditional methods of saving and making an investment are getting obsolete. As we live in the 21st century, era has given us a number of methods to make investments our extra money.

Best investment platform in Nigeria

In case you stay in Nigeria or you are a Nigerian residing abroad, you realize that leaving your money in the bank will handiest lessen your financial savings, not growth them.

By using making an investment in one of the many on line financial savings and funding platforms open to the public in Nigeria.

In this article, we test the list of the top on-line investment structures available in Nigeria to make extra cash.

That’s why in this text we provide secure tips for choosing the proper investment structures in nigeria.

Pleasant investment systems In Nigeria 2022- best investment platform in Nigeria

In case you are contemplating investing in any worthwhile platform in Nigeria 2022 but you don’t recognise which employer to pick to make extra cash, here’s a list of the most profitable investment systems in Nigeria. In reality, before we dive into the investment platforms in Nigeria we should understand what funding is all about.

Best investment platform in Nigeria

What’s investment?

In layman’s terms, investing method placing your cash there to earn you hobby. However, investing is more than that, it entails making an investment your money in economic systems, real property, shares, and so on hoping to make a take advantage of it. With the proper investments, your money will develop and help you improve your popular of dwelling.

Another component to say right here is which you want to do your very own studies earlier than pursuing any monetary funding platform in Nigeria 2022. But no extra concerns, we have complied the list of best investment systems in nigeria in this article.

Excellent investment Platform In Nigeria


Payvest is an investment characteristic inside the Pay Later utility, a web loan platform that lets in users to store and earn up to fifteen percentage interest per 12 months, paid every three months. It really works similar to your ordinary time deposit in which you are not allowed to feature a key once for a sure time period. With a minimal funding of N50,000, purchasers can lock their funding for a period of 3, 6, nine or three hundred and sixty five days.

Important note: Paylater and Payvest had been renamed to Carbon. Carbon is an app that lets you manipulate your price range with just a few clicks – keep, invest and borrow. You may also fill communicate time and pay bills with this one application.

Best investment platform in Nigeria


That is one of the reliable investment systems in Nigeria, it allows you to automate your financial savings. Making a decision how you shop and while you store, which can be daily, weekly or monthly. Linking your debit card to your Cowrywise account will automate your financial savings program.

Cowrywise pays hobby between 10 and 15 percentage in keeping with yr for your financial savings, that is earned and credited for your account every day. You may withdraw from your financial savings at any time and also qualify for reasonably-priced Cowrywise loans.

High-quality investment Platform In Nigeria continues under

Down load the Cowrywise app on play shop or visit their internet site.

Best Investment Platform In Nigeria
Best Investment Platform In Nigeria


It become known as piggy bank before. It’s far the first and maximum famous savings and proper funding platform in Nigeria. Their declare is to present Nigerians the power to manage their budget by making them extra transparent.

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You pick to frequently store as small or as large as possible – every day, weekly or monthly for precise dreams, applications and tasks and earn between 10 and 17 percent hobby.

You can also lock your savings in secure Lock for a certain time frame, that’s equal to a fixed deposit account at a regular commercial bank.

You could save among N50 – N25,000 in step with day, N1,000 – N100,000 in step with week and N3,000 – N500,000 consistent with month and with their short keep option you can add as much as N500,000 to in shape your financial savings at any time On the road. Down load Piggyvest app here on play shop.


An internet financial savings and investment platform designed to make saving less complicated, smarter, greater handy and more secure. They use Paystack for all their payments and their finances are stored in FCMB.

Set your financial savings desires and paintings to obtain them every day, every week or every month. Withdrawals are made each 3 months and your money earns extra interest than a regular bank financial savings account.

Funding structures In Nigeria keeps below

Funding financial savings SmartSaver pays up to 30 percent annually, while their SuperSave product pays up to eight percentage yearly and 2 percentage quarterly.

SmartSaver customers experience the benefits of having unsecured loans from them.


This platform is operated with the aid of Wema bank and is extra than just a savings and investment platform. We are proud to be the primary digital financial institution in Nigeria committed to democratizing banking services and making them on hand to all and sundry. With your phone, you could open an account and begin an automated savings software so one can pay you up to 10 percent a year, 3 instances what banks pay their regulars in financial savings accounts.


This is also one of the first-rate funding systems in nigeria.It’s far a private finance app that enables you expand financial discipline by way of monitoring your profits and fees and supporting you make smart cash choices. Forbes describes reach as a Nigerian fintech that allows you save for lifestyles’s massive moments.

Using an algorithm, the app tracks your SMS notifications and makes use of them to create distinct private financial management records, giving you a breakdown of where your money is going each week, information approximately the way you spend, and budgeting gear to help you reach your dreams. Economic desires.

Best Investment Platform In Nigeria
Best Investment Platform In Nigeria

The fintech business enterprise currently has 17 banks in Nigeria and Ghana. Down load the reach app from the Google Play shop.


Kudabank is also among the trusted investment platforms in Nigeria, it might be the primary digital bank in Nigeria to be certified by the crucial bank of Nigeria. It’s far a entire microfinance bank with a free digital platform that permits you to provoke and complete online banking transactions by using writing traces on paper. Within the Kudabank app you can save, make investments and borrow cash routinely. Turning into a microfinance bank method that their deposits are sponsored by using the Nigerian Deposit guarantee agency (NDIC).


A web financial savings and funding platform designed to assist individuals and small businesses store, make investments and borrow money at aggressive hobby prices. The platform has modules for one-of-a-kind marketplace segments: Cooperative Riby addresses the wishes of cooperatives, institutions and trade agencies and helps them in handling membership prices, savings and loans; Riby Peer Lending, which allows peer-to-peer lending, and the Riby Saver app, which allows users to automate their financial savings.

Funding systems in Nigeria continues underneath


Fundall is a one-stop non-public finance management app that lets you automate the planning and control of all your budget from a single app. With this app you could store, make investments, borrow money, pay payments, or even purchase insurance.

It is honestly a personal finance management tool that gives you everything you need to build wealth and grow your commercial enterprise.

For extra records visit their internet site right here fundall.Io



A cell application that allows you to keep on deliberate desires for a positive period of time. With Kolopay you could percentage your savings dreams with friends and family so that they too become a part of your plan and contribute to your goals. Your financial savings earn 6 percent hobby consistent with 12 months.


In case you’ve always desired to play in the authorities bond marketplace and were forced to, this mobile app will get you commenced speedy. I-make investments facilitates purchasers increase their savings and earn higher interest fees by way of purchasing Treasury bills wherever they’re with the clicking of a button on their cellphone. The minimum funding is N100,000. Interest will accrue each day and at adulthood the main invested plus accrued hobby could be credited to the bank account of your choosing.


SumoTrust is a web savings and funding platform that facilitates Africans enhance their bad saving and investment behavior.

If you need cash to start a business, hire an condo, buy a residence, purchase a automobile, keep, pay for university, and so on.

SumoTrust helps you shop cash and work toward your funding dreams.

True funding structures in Nigeria


The listing of the excellent online funding structures in Nigeria would no longer be entire with out Bamboo.

Bamboo is a renowned investment employer that offers unlimited get right of entry to to greater than three,000 stocks indexed at the the big apple stock exchange from the comfort of your cell phone.

You can pinnacle up your Bamboo Naira or dollar wallet instantly and begin investing with out wasting any time. You may additionally expand your portfolio via buying an ETF (alternate Traded Fund).

In case you want to begin making an investment in bamboo, you will need at the least US$20 or the equal of naira.

But, remember that when investing in Naira, you may handiest withdraw to a Naira account, and when investing in USD, you can most effective withdraw to a USD account.

When signing up for a Bamboo account, you may be asked in your BVN at the side of a legitimate identification and utility bill

They receive grasp and Visa playing cards in addition to bank transfers as payment methods.

The Bamboo app has a easy design with built-in era that helps you to see a practical view of your portfolio’s overall performance through the years so you can replace your strategy and analyze over the years.

You can also use the app to screen your return on investment purchases.

Funding protection Securities controls all Bamboo investments and all accounts are protected by way of the Federal Deposit guarantee corporation (FDIC) for $500,000.


RiseVest makes it easy to spend money on belongings denominated in extraordinary currencies round the arena. It is also one of the professional investment structures in Nigeria

You may spend money on any of the properly-controlled assets with assured returns of up to fourteen% and ability returns of as much as forty one% per annum.

Their most valuable assets consist of real estate, bonds, and stocks. Count on smart wealth management with RiseVest. With RiseVest your money is safe due to the fact it’s far monitored and managed by means of ARM Trustee Ltd.

The platform includes a consumer-pleasant interface with a built-in tracker that lets in you to track your investments and reveal your performance in actual-time.

You could also set investment goals with their app.

To get started out with RiseVest, you need at the least $10, then select a plan and specify the period of your investment.

8 Easy Ways How To Make Money From Home Without Investment

All RiseVest debts are encrypted using the identical generation that banks use.

RiseVest is precise in that it offers free professional economic making plans for your investments.


Trove is one of the maximum popular on-line investment platforms in Nigeria that allows you to spend money on US, Asian and Nigerian shares, bonds, ETFs and other devices using your smartphone.

You may begin your investment assignment with as little as $10. With Trove, you can make a one-time investment in publicly traded international stocks, bonds or commodities the use of a card price card or financial institution switch.

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You may spend money on Trove in naira or bucks. The dollar portfolio is designed to put money into foreign shares whilst the Naira portfolio is designed to put money into neighborhood Nigerian businesses.

To start Trove, you will need your BVN along side a valid using license and application invoice.

Whilst you open a brokerage account, you may start investing proper away with over four,000 shares in Trove.

Your money is safe with Trove.

Sigma Securities Ltd and ARM Securities Ltd, each SEC-certified regulated brokerage corporations, hold and manipulate all of Trove’s property.

Trove has stay stock indicators that will help you perceive funding alternatives primarily based to your account.

Their app additionally shows which stocks are rising inside the information, on social media and somewhere else.

Best Investment Platform In Nigeria
Best Investment Platform In Nigeria

Further, the app offers guidance and statistics to assist selection making based totally at the company’s beyond performance, analyst reviews, and expected performance tendencies.

Blessings of funding investment structures In Nigeria

Now that you have read approximately the investment platforms in Nigeria, you ought to have determined on which platform you need to spend money on. However it’s also crucial to read approximately the blessings of funding. Kindly proceed beneath to examine the overall significance of funding in Nigeria.

Long time go back capability

Even as money is undoubtedly more secure than stocks, it is not likely to grow a good deal or find opportunities for lengthy-term boom.

Traditionally, investors have valued the long time with investments that include some capital risk. This indicates the threat of losing a few or all of the quantity at first invested. Of direction, this award isn’t assured.

Stock market volatility, whilst inventory charges change hastily in a brief period of time, isn’t always a horrific element. In reality, volatility can once in a while supply investment managers the opportunity to shop for attractive shares at decrease expenses and earn higher returns in the long run.

Outperform Inflation

In your financial savings to develop in actual terms over the years, they should generate an after-tax go back this is extra than the inflation fee.

With today’s low hobby prices, it may be tough to discover a savings account that offers you returns above modern-day inflation. So, it’s top to reflect onconsideration on investments which have the capability to outperform inflation.

Online investment structures in Nigeria

Provide consistent profits

If you are retired or approximately to retire, you may be looking for some thing that could offer you with a steady income to cover your day-to-day living expenses. There is absolute confidence that this investment structures in nigeria post has helped you to make the proper desire.

There are a number of investments, along with shares, bonds, and actual estate, that can offer you with a regular profits this is often higher than the inflation price.

Best investment platform in Nigeria

You or your investment manager can layout your funding portfolio that will help you gain diverse goals during your lifestyles, which include: As you grow old, you can select less unstable options. With careful planning, you can adapt your portfolio to satisfy changing goals and priorities.

If you plan to invest for the long time, you could need to invest in funds with boom potential, riskier sectors together with emerging markets or non-public equity in which your savings ought to face quick-term market adjustments. As you approach retirement, you could need to invest in income-focused alternatives.

Best investment platform in Nigeria

Wrapping up the fine investment platforms In Nigeria

Whilst you have study about the funding systems in Nigeria, you need to make certain you study any investment platform’s terms and situations you need to use before you project into it. But, I’m confident that this newsletter has cleared the air about the satisfactory investment platforms in Nigeria 2022, respectable investment systems in Nigeria, on line funding structures in Nigeria, and, actual funding structures in Nigeria.

Best Investment Platform In Nigeria
Best Investment Platform In Nigeria

When you have any query drop it within the remarks section.

Best investment platform in Nigeria

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