How To Steal A Fowl

How to steal a Fowl

Here are the suggestions on how to steal a fowl, examine and snort, (this is only for amusing)

Stealing a fowl calls for special skill.

If you’re caught, you’re to your very own, From my twenty years of enjoy, i have mixed a guideline that will help you in your chosen profession

Right here are the stairs on how to steal a fowl

1: First discover your choice chook and screen it

2: Wait until it receives dark, then get ready for some adventure

3: Put on an oversized blouse and trousers (u will recognize y later)

4: Go one excessive, Vim Buzz has determined to interrupt down a step-by way of-step guide on the way to correctly scouse borrow a bird or fowl.

How To Steal A Fowl
How To Steal A Fowl

How To Steal A Fowl

Stealing a chook requires unique ability. In case you’re caught, you’re to your personal. From a person’s 20 years revel in, we’ve got combined a tenet that will help you for your preference of profession.

Table Of Contents

1: First discover your choice chicken and screen it

Before you can steal a chook, you need to discover your desire and screen it intently. By using tracking, we suggest you want to realize where it sleeps — the habitual of the fowl, amongst other things.

2: Wait until it receives dark, then get ready for a few adventure


Stealing a fowl in vast daytime is a very bad idea seeing that you could be caught within the act. So that you want to wait till middle of the night to strike. That is why we stated earlier that you need to monitor the chook closely to understand in which it sleeps so that whilst you are happening the operation,  you would no longer suffer any hitches.

3: Put on oversized blouse and trousers(you will understand why later)

It is key to put on an oversized shirt and trousers. You will get to recognise why later on this put up, however simply recognise that you need to put together an outsized blouse or trousers on stand-by way of pending the stealing operation.

Four: go together with a torch.(flash now and again)

Due to the fact you are going in the night, don’t overlook your torch. It is able to grow to be very beneficial.

It doesn’t be counted that you have already monitored and recognize wherein the chicken sleeps. Simply take a torch along.

Five: make certain you don’t distract the fowls ..Don’t allow every body to see you

Whilst going, make certain you stroll lightly and silently.

In reality, tiptoe to the location and make sure you achieve this within the most discreet manner.

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You know the way tons of noise fowls can make in the event that they locate hazard.

They may shout and you could get into problem. Also, make sure nobody sees you. Cos that individual can blow an alarm.

6: point the torch directly in your chicken’s eyes and make your pass(throw complete period)

How To Steal A Fowl
How To Steal A Fowl

While you finally get there, this is why the torch is wanted—- point the torch immediately on the sure of the chicken. It’ll render it visionless.

They could’t be able to see within the presence of too much mild. So this would make it now not to run faraway from you.

7. After you’ve caught the chicken, near the mouth right away to avoid noise

Ensure you seize the hen by using the top and near its mouth to keep away from the noise. One noise can alert the owners to return for you so you need to be very cautious with this.

8. Placed the chook inner your blouse and maintain firmly along with your two fingers

How To Steal A Fowl
How To Steal A Fowl

Now this is wherein the massive blouse or trouser turns into wanted.

Put the chicken inner your blouse and keep it firmly along with your arms. This would prevent them from struggling.

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9. Fake as if cold is catching you and walk out of that region

Walk slowly as in case you are sick. Walking too fast ought to arouse suspicions. Just walk gently until you get domestic.’

10. Cross enjoy your paintings

Make sure and put together a few pepper soup cos it wasn’t an easy operation.

Haha haha, by no means do that, that is A criminal activity And additionally in opposition to God’s Commandments, that is just for amusing.


How To Steal A Fowl

1. Survey the place for about 1 week.

2. At the day of operation put on an
Oversized blouse.

3. Be on the place between 11am
To 2:30pm. Presently of the day, the owners can be
Gone to paintings or
Be indoors. The fowls can be gambling
Out of doors happily.

Four. Stroll at the edge of the road and allow the fowls stroll freely on the middle.

5. This is in which u make the grand pass.

6. Dive like a goalkeeper and grab the hen via the pinnacle. Speedy fold the top into the
Feathers and placed it in side ur oversized blouse.

7. Circulate on as if not anything happend. No looking back.


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