Bowen University School Fees


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Bowen University is a personal Private Christian University located in Iwo, a part of Osun nation located in South west Nigeria.

Covenant University Admissions 2022/2023

The university become founded in 2001 for studying and studies.

Bowen UNIVERSITY school fees
Bowen UNIVERSITY School fees

Bowen university students are instilled with the combination of instructional excellence and love for humanity and God, it is a Christian University in advance said with bachelors degree programs cutting across, Agriculture, education, medication, Sciences, Social and management sciences etc.

The scholars population is quite diverse but we do now not have info at the pupil or staff population, however we recognise it’s far decently populated for a private UNIVERSITY but now not as populated as federal universities.

Admission into Bowen university is rather competitive due to the fact the University has a good reputation and is pretty low cost.

Bowen university college expenses varies based totally on different applications and it ranges from N600,000 – N700,000, (don’t worry, full details and break Down Of school charge nonetheless under), hold studying…

Bowen University school fees
Bowen UNIVERSITY school fees

It also provides University students with top hostels and other infastructure like a library and properly university buildings.

Bowen University School Fees
Bowen UNIVERSITY school fees

JAMB/UTME cut off Mark: a hundred and seventy (170)

Bowen UNIVERSITY school fees
Complete details Of Bowen university faculty charges As Follows:

How  much is Bowen University school fees 2022/2023

The Bowen UNIVERSITY, faculty fees for fresh and returning college students 2022/2023 academic consultation has been accepted with the aid of the management of the group.
Bowen university, faculty fees time table below indicates the expenses payable via both home and international students.

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The question now’s; did you select the Bowen university, throughout your registration? Or participated in their admission screening exercise or are you just interested in Bowen university, faculty prices? Whichever class you might fall under, you are on the proper weblog for the appropriate statistics.

Sparkling and potential students are continually on-line on the lookout for the Bowen college, training price after confirming their names on the admission list even before the educational consultation starts offevolved.

The accepted Bowen university, charges for the 2022/2023 instructional yr for undergraduate and graduate college students are based on the programme you’re taking.

All students of the Bowen university, are suggested to pay their training prices for the 2022/2023 academic consultation early to the designated banks as accepted by means of the college management.


Bowen university, recognition rate is a price which you should pay to any university or Polytechnic as a primary-year pupil/more energizing denoting which you have generic the direction and in fashionable the admission that has been provided to you by the college.

BOWEN university, tuition fee FOR FRESHERS AND persevering with students 2022/2023 academic session


Bowen university school school fees costs is 208,470.00 for instructional consultation.

Under is the breakdown of the Bowen University, School Fees.

Bowen University school fees

Bowen University school fees

Bowen University school fees

Bowen University school fees

Bowen University school fees

Bowen University school fees

Bowen University school fees
Bowen University school fees

Bowen University school fees

Bowen University school fees







Bowen university Campus regulations

Bowen university Has regulations Which governed UNIVERSITY students On Campus, wherein If Any Of Them were being Violated, should draws suitable Punishment.

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(a)        lodging

Via coverage, the college gives lodging for all registered students and it’s far consequently obligatory for all undergraduate students to stay on campus.

On arrival, students will be allocated rooms in halls of house as decided with the aid of the student Affairs Unit.

(b)       BEDDINGS

Students are required to come with their own beddings (i.E. Mattress sheets, pillow cases and blankets).  students might be liable for the cleaning of their rooms and for their laundry.

(c)        behavior in the hall OF residence

Students can not promote, buy, put it up for sale, solicit, provide or marketplace items inside the halls of residence and the college surroundings besides when formally authourized. Where this rule is violated, the ones found culpable will face disciplinary motion.

Bowen University School Fees

Screening of beds inside the halls of house is not allowed, except for the usage of transparent mosquito net.

(d)       EXEATS

So as to be faraway from the university campus either by using going into town or visiting out of city, an undergraduate pupil need to obtain an exeat issued by way of the student Affairs Unit.

For the motive of travelling out of town, the Dean of scholar Affairs should approve such an exeat, which must have been carried out for, at the least 48 hours before this kind of ride. Undergraduate students are not normally allowed to journey extra than as soon as in a month.

Exeats will no longer generally be issued to cover a duration of worship and group devotions.

Any student found to be far from the university with out an exeat will face disciplinary movement.

(e)        touring HOURS IN HALLS OF residence

Students can be allowed to visit their fellow students in other halls of residence, however no longer for the duration of the period of general assembly or worship service and not past nine.00 pm on any day.

Visitation to halls of house of the opposite intercourse is not authorized.


All proposed off-campus activities via students of the college are to be submitted in writing for consideration and advice via the pupil Affairs workplace for the Vice-Chancellor’s approval.  The request should among other matters encompass:

Bowen University school fees

The destination, cause of the journey, time of leaving the campus and the time of returning.

The call(s) of the Chaperone(s) for the programme, who need to be senior member(s) of staff of the college. Chaperone(s) are to take right briefing from the Vice-Chancellor previous to the commencement of the adventure.

The technique of transportation (automobile, the proprietor and the association in location)

The endorsement of the body of workers adviser or the university legitimate in rate.

In the case of sports organized through student groups, parental consent have to be sought via the student before he/she may be allowed to travel with the group.

Packages for off-campus programme should be received for approval as a minimum per week before day of departure.

Organizers of off-campus sports should obtain the Vice-Chancellor’s approval in writing earlier than embarking on such journeys.

Students who aren’t accredited as contributors of the group must below no circumstance accompany the institution.

The organization and the automobile(s) specified for the off-campus programme are to go to the precise destination alone and return to campus with all the contingents.

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(g)        social gathering/party

All proposals for any shape of celebrations and social gatherings to be held on campus by people, golf equipment and institutions are to be submitted in writing for consideration and advice via the body of workers Adviser or the corridor Warden concerned, for the approval of the Dean of scholar Affairs.  Organizers of programme with out due approval will be appropriately sanctioned.

(h)       USE OF HALLS OF residence FOR occasion

Permission to use halls of house for social sports have to be by way of the written permission of the Dean of student Affairs with as a minimum forty eight hours’ note.

Individual UNIVERSITY students who desire to use the commonplace room for social gatherings have to publish their request in writing thru the corridor Warden or inside the case of clubs and institutions, through the personnel Adviser, for the approval of the Dean of scholar Affairs.

No occasion of students may be allowed in the course of any university legitimate activities.

Any form of anti-social behaviour (e.G. Smoking, ingesting of alcohol, use of tough drugs, combating, and so on) at some point of the gatherings is precisely prohibited. Any violation of these rules can be noted the student Disciplinary Committee.

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All authorized activities have to generally take location within the commonplace Room.

Events should now not last past 6:00 pm.

Track performed inside the rooms or at permitted social gatherings need to now not disturb different citizens.  every musical composition played through/on any digital device must be in concord with the predicted high moral requirements of the college.

Bowen University school fees

Below no circumstance ought to any pupil produce noisy sound to the detriment of different students or hostel personnel within the halls of house.

(i)         night manage

All college students should be of their halls of house via 10.00 pm

The best lighting accepted in the rooms other than overhead lighting fixtures are desk and rechargeable lamps, which might be to be supplied by way of college students.

Mattress exams shall be carried out in the Halls of house day by day from 10.30 pm and any scholar absent shall get hold of suitable sanction(s).

(j)        uses of electrical home equipment

Best torches, cell smartphone lighting fixtures and rechargeable lamps are allowed for the duration of strength outages. Bare flames are prohibited.

Beneath no situation have to electrical appliances and extension cords or a couple of shops be added into the halls of residence or used by college students. Appliances along with immersion warmers, heating coils, electric cookers, toasters, grills, television sets, fridges and hot plates are prohibited.

Simplest electric kettle now not extra than 1500w is allowed but this should now not be used within the college students’ room besides within the laundry room or kitchenette.  but, such electric powered kettle need to have the ability to replace off automatically.


(k)       possession OF raw food in the HOSTEL

Students are forbidden from retaining raw food objects like noodles, spaghetti, rice, yam, and so forth, in the hostel.

Any scholar who violates (i) above shall face suitable disciplinary action.



Students have to make their beds and maintain their rooms smooth and tidy.

There shall be monthly sanitation workout and all students need to take part within the workout. Failure to do so with out permission shall entice extreme disciplinary action.

Students are forbidden from:

Indiscriminately urinating and defecating outside the lavatories and in unauthorized areas.

Bathing out of doors the prescribed toilets.

Worrying others by way of playing music.

Violation of (i) to (iii) above shall appeal to appropriate disciplinary action.

Appropriate college officials reserve the right to inspect the hostels and rooms at any time.

(m)      damage TO university centers

Students should now not tamper with, dismantle, try to dismantle or interfere with the ordinary functioning of gadget, facilities and protection furniture in the halls of house and university surroundings.

Nail tacks and anything else that may harm the partitions ought to not be used at the walls.

There have to be no movement of furnishings or assets from one room to some other and no alteration is authorized at the fixtures, consisting of furnishings, lighting, woodwork or locks.

All students inside the room wherein damages are discovered will pay for damages on the stop of the session

Ought to the damage occur inside the laundry, not unusual room, bathrooms or lavatory, all students on that floor might be held accountable

There ought to be no pasting of commercials of any kind on the wall

Scholar’s advertisement, when authorized, have to not be pasted on the notice forums in the hostel without the approval of the hall Warden

Underneath no situation should college students place mattresses at the ground.

(n)       PETS

For health and sanitary reasons, pets are prohibited in and across the university halls of residence.  Any breach of the rule will entice appropriate disciplinary action.


Any student who remains or squats in a room now not allotted to him/her can be made to face disciplinary motion.

A pupil who aids and abets squatting of any other student at any time inclusive of at examination duration and/or harbouring strangers/site visitors in rooms can even face disciplinary movement.

Any pupil who harbours a stranger and an unauthorized tourist in the hostel shall be made to face disciplinary movement.

(p)       protection of private property

The university does now not be given obligation for any loss of private belongings within the halls of residence.

Students are strongly recommended to maintain all valuables and massive sums of cash with industrial banks.

Doors ought to usually be locked and keys removed while leaving the room. The keys need to be saved at the corridor manager’s office.

College students have to now not depart personal belongings in their halls of house at some stage in long holidays.

Any non-public equipment (e.G. Non-public computers, handsets and many others.) used on habitual basis should be registered on the pupil Affairs office.

Students have to no longer use/own telephones with extra than the monetary cost authorized by way of the university from time to time.

Lending and borrowing of huge sums of money among college students is illegal.

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