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Universities In The United States Of America
Universities In The United States Of America

List Of Universities In The United States Of America

Columbia University

Ivy League school Columbia Institution can be founded in New York.

It was established in the Year 1754.

This makes it one of the oldest higher institution in the city and the fifth oldest in the Nation.

While Columbia Institution offers over 150 majors, it’s also awards the Pulitzer Prize.

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This is one of the most fantastic achievements in arts and the journalism

This comes as no surprise, then, that Literature and English-Language is one of the most famous majors.

The Institution acceptance chance is 6%, with around 1,500 Candidates being Admitted Annually.

Yale University

This Institution Is Located in New Haven, Connecticut,

Yale Institution is the 3rd Oldest Universities In The United State Of America.

It’s been in existence since 1701 and has grown to be one of the most valuable institution around the world.

There are some Notable And Famous Figures (Alumni) who Graduated From This Institution

These include Hilary Clinton, Bill and Ben Silbermann the owner of Pinterest.

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Yale’s Admission Chance is around 6%, which yielda into approximately Two Thousand newly enrolled Students Annually.

About 20% of them are international, resulting into over 120 countries candidates being admitted.

Universities In The United States Of America
Universities In The United States Of America

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA is located in Los Angeles in California.

It is one of the most famous Institution in America.

Back then in the Year 2020, it Admitted the most applications out of all Institutions (About 110,000).

With an Admission chance of around 14 Percent, UCLA has capacity of Habouring up to around 15,000 new students Annually.

It’s located near the Hollywood.

So, it produces produces numerous number of popular alumni (s).

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E.g, Steve Martin, Jack Black and Mila Kunis all graduated from UCLA.

University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley is located close to San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

UC Berkeley receives more applications than most other Universities in the United States Of America.

In the year 2020, more than 88,000 Candidates Applied to study in University Of California, Berkeley.

The university admits Approximately Fifteen Thousand Students Annually and has an Admission Chance that’s Around 17.5%.

UC Berkeley is a home of some world-renowned research institutes,

Which Includes the space science laboratory.

And with more than Three Hundred different degree courses, This is why so many students apply to study there.

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