Mexico Universities

This is the AccoladesMedia Rankings of the Best Mexico Universities, featuring up to 10 of the Top Institutions in the Country.

After some researches base on Academic factors, Good practical equipments, employer and staff reputations, student and departments/courses offered, we made this list of the Top Best Mexico Universities.

If your dream is to study in the United States, This is for you, keep on reading as we’ve listed the Top Best Mexico Universities on this Page…

Below is the list of the Best Mexico Universities, read carefully as we’ve attached few details of each insitution to the list.

Mexico Universities
Mexico Universities

Mexico Universities

1. Universidad Anahuac

Ranked 10th within the QS Mexico college rankings and 581-590 within the QS world college scores® 2019,

Universidad Anahuac gets the 1/3-maximum rating in Mexico for the school/student ratio indicator, and is likewise ranked sixth for its popularity among employers.

A member of the Anahuac university network, Anahuac is a private university with campuses,

One inside the western outskirts of Mexico city and every other toward the south of the town, which have been unbiased institutions previous to 2016.

3. Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP)

Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP) is ranked ninth in the new Mexico ranking and within the 751-800 range* of the world rankings.

It earns the 1/3-highest score inside the united states for the staff with PhD indicator, and additionally achieved 5 stars in the QS Stars score system.

Based in 1940, UDLAP has one campus positioned in the ancient city of Cholula, a 20-minute power from Puebla, a UNESCO international heritage city.

It’s referred to for producing fairly employable graduates, with more than ninety percentage of students in employment six months after graduation.

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Mexico Universities
Mexico Universities

4. Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL)

Ranked eighth in Mexico and 801-one thousand inside the world, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.

(UANL) is considered one of the most important public universities in Mexico, presenting the most important quantity of instructional packages in northeastern Mexico and website hosting approximately 153,000 college students on seven campuses.

There are masses of splendid facilities for UANL’s students to take benefit of, with eighty four libraries (protecting more than two million volumes),

37 research centers and 25 pupil laptop centers.

5. Universidad de Guadalajara (UDG)

Universidad de Guadalajara (UDG) is a public university with round 119,500 students,

Normally at undergraduate stage, and is one of the oldest universities in Mexico, having been based in 1791 because the actual Universidad de Guadalajara.

It’s ranked seventh in Mexico and 751-800 within the global in 2019, and earns the second-highest rating within the united states of america for the internet impact indicator,

which assesses how efficiently establishments are making use of new technologies.

6. Instituto Tecnológico Autonomo de México (ITAM)

Heading again to Mexico town, the personal Instituto Tecnológico Autonomo de México (ITAM) is the sixth maximum-ranked university in the new Mexico rating, and also seems within the international scores in the 651-700 range.

One of the united states’s most critical assume tanks, ITAM gets its high-quality rankings within the indicators reflecting the share of workforce with a PhD and its enterprise recognition (for which it’s ranked 1/3).

7. Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA)

Ranked 5th within the new Mexico college rating and 701-750 inside the international,

Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA) is one of the 8 Jesuit universities in Mexico and one of the usa’s main institutions for academia and research.

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11,000 college students are enrolled and there are a total of 34 undergraduate and 39 graduate packages to be had, as well as extra than 200 diplomas.

Like ITAM, UIA achieves its quality score inside the business enterprise reputation class of the Mexico ranking, at fourth.

Mexico Universities
Mexico Universities

8. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM)

Subsequent in our observe the pinnacle universities in Mexico in 2019 is the public Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM),

Ranked fourth inside the Mexico ranking and 751-800 inside the global.

UAM has been devoted to sustainability for more than a decade, and in 1974 became the first institution in Mexico to provide an undergraduate degree in environmental engineering.

UAM also appears inside the QS world university ratings by means of issue 2018 for six subjects, inclusive of the worldwide top a hundred for artwork & layout.

Three. Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN)

Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN) is the 0.33-maximum ranked college in the Mexico rating and became placed inside the 651-700 variety of the contemporary global college rankings.

IPN is some other big public university, hosting upwards of 171,000 students (such as the ones in excessive college).

Mexico Universities
Mexico Universities

Though based totally in Mexico metropolis, IPN additionally operates studies institutes and centers in 22 Mexican states.

IPN receives the second one-highest rankings in Mexico for each the indicators measuring papers per faculty and worldwide studies partnerships, and also featured inside the latest difficulty rankings the various global’s nice for numerous engineering and generation and existence technological know-how disciplines.

9. Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM)

Heading north to Monterrey, the non-public Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM) is ranked second in the Mexico rating and has been step by step improving in the international university ratings in recent years, presently performing in 178th area.

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It ratings in the pinnacle 5 for all but two of the eight signs, ranking first for citations consistent with paper (a measure of studies effect).

Founded in 1943, ITESM has extended rapidly for the reason that 1960s and now operates 31 campuses across 25 Mexican towns.

Mexico Universities
Mexico Universities

ITESM became also featured at 52nd – and number one in Mexico – within the currently launched QS Graduate Employability rankings 2019.

10. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

Ranked number one many of the pinnacle universities in Mexico, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) gets perfect ratings for 4 indicators,

which include for its educational and business enterprise reputations, and is likewise featured within the global university rankings at 113th.

UNAM became hooked up in 1910 and now has over 346,730 college students, specifically on the excessive college and undergraduate degrees. Its major campus (Ciudad Universitaria) is a UNESCO world historical past website, recognized for its incredible integration of Mexican traditions via architecture and modern artwork.

Mexico Universities
Mexico Universities

UNAM is ranked a number of the global’s satisfactory for 37 of the 48 subjects blanketed inside the QS world university ratings by situation, with positions inside the top 50 for artwork & design, development research, classics, mining engineering, law, cutting-edge languages and extra.

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