Finally at home with mum, Halleluyah!!!

Full Story Of How Our Brother, Emmanuel Oluwakoya escaped from the Den of Kidnappers after 2days.

This will make you know how to move closer to God, as he stated his experience with the kidnappers, Read Below!

Emmanuel Oluwakoya famously known as emmybest is a web designer and a gospel niche blogger, A 400 level student of the Olusegun Agagu University Of Science And Technology Okitipupa, Ondo state.

Story of how he was freed from kidnappers
Story of how he was freed from kidnappers

Who Got Missing on Thursday, 20th 2022 had finally gained freedom, read his direct written words, how he managed to escaped below.

“Hello, This is Emmanuel OLUWAKOYA popularly known as Emmybest. I’m back now to the world again, and here I’m gonna share my encounter ASAP as the world is waiting for it.

It happened on Wed, 19th of October, 2022 where I went Lekki Phase 1 ITF office that was supposed to be adjacent Pinnacle petroleum station.

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7am on Wednesday, I entered a vehicle from Berger to Lekki and was successfully dropped there, although, not at Pinnacle so I had to trek about 5 minutes to the ITF office.

On getting there, they had moved and I was surprised cause I was still there few months ago so I still had to check  to confirm that they truly moved because no signboard or banner was even placed there and it was unusual.

I started to knock, at least to confirm, but the gate was locked.

Still looking confused, a guy passed by me wearing a casual cloth, asking me if I knew a placed called Arena ‘Guy, I no know’ that was my reply as I walked forward a bit, in few second he came back saying ‘I just dey ask simple question na, I no dey beg I get money na’ I repeated, ‘How far? Guy, I talk say I no know.

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Roughly 2sec next, a 10 passenger white bus that had five people in it stopped at my front and I USED my Leg to enter it.

(I wasn’t forced to enter) 2mins after, the bus picked another person at the front a matured, probably married Man and started to move.

While inside the bus, No one talked, calls were coming in from my mum and friends I was cutting them, it got to a stage I put my phone in Airplane Mode. Nobody told me, everything happening was instinctively.

About 30 to 45mins away from Pinnacle, we got to our destination, and I found the guy that asked me question some minute back, it was then I knew ‘Something don sup’ everyone was silent though.

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They kept 2 of us in a building together for like one hour, that was like around 1pm then.

We could not talk, we were just looking waiting for the next action, but my brain was loading , Only that I could not just talk.

After like 1hr, 4 Men came inside, asked us to bring everything we had in our pocket.

I brought out my Phone and Purse which had about 6k and 3 ATMs they asked how much we had, the man said 150,000 and they made transfer themselves.

It got to my turn, I said I don’t know how much I have, but I have like 8k in my UBA and about 40k in my Kuda.” >>>

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Finally at home with mum, Halleluyah!!!
Finally at home with mum, Halleluyah!!!

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